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So,those doodles are (maybe) for my new unnamed Bubbline AU. I’m still forming it. UvU  actually i don’t know a lot of thing of this new history.. the designes,universe situation,or personalities are not 100% oficial soo.. wait for changes or something.

I love the designe of PB,in this case she’s a little… tomboy.. and a bad ass girl who S
till being totally a nerd.Her hair is short at the shoulders and wears a cap ALL the time! so usually the people think her hair is short.
Marceline is really femenine and a little.. sassy and Sh
e does not like messy,bold, careless things like PB
In short.. this history have jokes,funny,typical lesbian problems,cute,and of course,drama momments. I’m not sure about this…. but.. well,who cares?  i love draw this both.

Extra credits for Tasha (

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